Remember when the staples of an educational institute were a good supply of teachers, paper, books, pens & pencils?


Computing and the Internet have revolutionised teaching and services to students and staff alike.


Who Are Hooble?

Hooble help to secure the right service and support packages for cloud solutions. This can range from website or email hosting, cybersecurity, cloud data storage, servers and more. And because technology changes at lightning speed, we continually invest in the latest and best to ensure it’s there for you.

We are both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited and have been trading since 2008. We are also Cyber Essentials accredited.

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Who We Can Help

We can provide cloud services to early years settings, primary and secondary schools, higher education establishments and award issuing organisations.

The Mark of Trust and Confidence

The education prefix domains (ac.uk, sch.uk) provide confidence in the identity of your organisation, and its people, to users of your services.

Alongside your domain registration, we can provide DNS hosting and a wide range of protection solutions such as DNSSec, DKIM, DMARC and SPF.

All Hooble accounts can be protected using Multi-Factor Authentication.

The Basics

As a Microsoft partner, we can provide access to Microsoft’s 365 education plans and pricing.

The Education Cloud

In addition to domains, email and general and application specific web hosting, we can also provide cloud services. Our cloud office range includes hybrid cloud, remote desktop and WIFI management solutions.

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